Tuesday, October 3, 2017

                                                    Morning Waves / 새벽바다

Friday, November 4, 2016

Harmony IV     2016

Harmony IV
If I can hold my life-time moments and express my past, present and future, then how can I possibly represent those?
I discharged the blue color from family’s old jeans to cut, arrange, and sew it. While doing my works, I found that I had been somewhere within my memories. The harmony of time will accomplish each moment of my past, present and future. Harmony IV is the piece that gathers every moment that we can never hold on to, like a dream.

at the Fiber Art Show 

Harmony V 2016

Harmony V
Each person lives life in a different way, but no one can live alone. We need to lean on each other in our exhausting life. 
I believe that God has made my home a nest to love and heal each other and receive strength to live on in our life. Harmony V represents the balance of families and the bonds with each other.

at the Fiber Art Show 

Chicago Botanic Garden 
November 3, 2016 

Friday, February 19, 2016

'Harmony II' 


'Harmony III'   








Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Art works

“The Hanbok Series” is influenced by the aspect of traditional Korean life. “Hanbok” is a traditional Korean costume that represents a symbolic aspect of Korean culture.
Transformation is a handmade paper that is derived from my husband’s white linen shirt which is a Western style garment by Ralph Lauren. Also, I wrote Bible verses on the ‘Jeogori’ which is a portion of Hanbok to express the conversion of my religion to Christianity. From Western style shirt to traditional Korean garment, from Buddhism to Christianity, this is to convey the changes in my life.

Comfort Women
Comfort women is made of hemp material which was often used in Korea for specific purposes such as funerals. The hemp is unsuitable for the purpose of garment. It is harsh and heavy for skin and it is rather used for industrial purpose. I try to response to an unfortunate history of Korea that ‘Comfort women’. More than 200,000 women were forced to become prostitutes or sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during Pacific War. I burned, cut, sewed and distressed the hemp Hanbok as the women were treated. Then, I let my fourteen year old daughter wear it for photo shots. Ironically the average age of  the comfort women was fourteen.

Harmony is constructed from my family’s denim clothing, which merges traditional Korean forms with Western style material. My intention is to harmonize the two cultures and bridge the gap. It shows harmony of my families, of different cultures, harmony with generations--of old and new, and harmony with you and me.  

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Artist Book I
​​“Seasons of Human Life”
This book is to express the changes of human life.  I scrapped different colors of magazine pages and cut them in different shapes to display each season, and on the other side, I covered with different figures of human.  

Artist Book II
“The Seasons”
This is a handmade book by using woodblock print making technique. Some images were printed on the fabric and some were on rice papers, then I connected them like accordion. I tried to represent our life story through this project. 

Artist Book III
"Life of Women"​​
I made this book with a full of my history. I sorted photos of my young age and the recent days. The book is filled with personal photos, but I wished that the readers to have common feeling and empathy of a journey of life. I focused at the similar and common situation of women. We spend our childhood with the parents until we meet someone and get married and raise children and get old...
I used a blander marker to transfer my pictures onto the Japanese and Korean papers.
In addition, I chose a rice roll mat for the frame of my book and this mat reminds me the life of my young age because my mom used to make rice rolls, and now I make rice rolls for my children occasionally. Turning kitchen utensil into art pieces was an interesting try for me.

Artist Book IV
" My Daily Life"
My daily Life is about my daily routine. I used a similar method as "Life of Women" I drew pictures of my daily life by hand stitching on the momigamy paper. Then I rolled them in the rice roll mat. I wound color threads on the empty spot of the mat. The thread implies a connection with my past and the present and the family

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 Window Installation II

My 2nd installation is for my deck window. This time I chose gray transparent silk. Also, I cut out black nylon as a tree shape. And I made round shapes with my old jeans and color threads, and I arranged around the tree as age rings.  (Trees make me think of resemblance with human’s life. Trees endure any weather conditions throughout a year, stand firm and wait until spring comes then each year trees earn one growth ring. I tried to display my life story through the tree.)  

 Window Installation III

This is my 3rd window installation. This time I made wood frames similar to traditional Korean windows. The Korean traditional windows are made with wood frame and covered with Korean paper ‘haji’.  Based on my memories, I made a wood frame which fits my living room window. I divided sections and covered each section with different materials like ‘hanbok’ ‘denim’ ‘twine crochet’ and ‘handmade paper’.  These combined materials show how different but coexisting two cultures harmonizing and conflicting in me. 

Window installation IV

This time I used handmade papers of cotton rag embedded with color thread. I cut out the handmade paper in round shapes and arranged them together and connected with the threads. I displayed them on fish lines. I implied the connections of my past, present, and future life in this installation.
Window Installation V

For my 5th installation, I used transparent fabric and real branches. I wanted to show how my inner world was penetrated by outer world.

Apron series I

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